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Colon Hydrotherapy

About Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon hydrotherapy uses warm filtered water to cleanse the colon/large intestine of waste and toxins that build up on the colon wall over time.  Toxins that build up on the colon wall are mucus, dead cellular tissue that interfere with the body's abilities to absorb vitamins and minerals that cause sluggish bowel movements and/or constipation.  This treatment cleanses from the rectum to the secum flushing away old waste and toxins that build up over a period of time.  

Effects of Toxic Buildup

These toxins may produce any number of the following effects:

Chronic fatigue


your colon




Constipation and/or distended abdomen

Foul breath


Stiff and achy joints.


Benefits of colon hydrotherapy:

Cleanses the colon

Exercises the colon improving muscle tone

Increases intestinal flora

Improves overall health



1 Session:  $110

Package of 3: $300

About Gloria

Gloria was trained and certified as a colon hydrotherapist in 2007 in Tampa Florida by Suzanne Margolis Gray and trained by Helen Eisenstein in Manhattan, New York. Gloria developed a passion for natural health while taking care of her elderly parents for many years.  She saw the decline of her parents health and the health of seven of her siblings due to bad habits that affected their health.  After her parent's passing, she worked for the elderly as a caregiver and saw their health improve greatly just by diet change and simple hydration, positive interaction, and love.  She saw their doctors remove many of their medication because of improved health.